Much like Job from the Bible, jon has known more than his fair share of adversity and misfortune. Having gone broke 3X within 4 years, nearly dying from a life-threatening illness and skirting perilously close to homelessness, he immersed himself into a decade-long study of personal development and success that included reading over 100 classic works, repeatedly listening to more than two dozen audio programs and watching over a dozen videos. He was then able to turn his life around and build the “waiting-list” chiropractic practice of his dreams, only to have his entire practice mostly collapse following sweeping insurance company reductions foreboding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act! Drawing upon everything that he learned, jon dug deep to enable his wife and himself to weather the biggest, fiercest, longest-lasting storm of their lives. And, by documenting their journey into hell and back, he left a trail of light to illuminate the way out for others still lost in the abyss of darkness.

You can visit jon’s other webpage at Always Believe In Your Dreams